IMF, World Bank.. Tools of Free Market Capitalism? (#9)

It seems as though institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank were set up to help countries in need.  Poor countries struggling to pay debts and feed their populations had nowhere to turn to.  Unfortunately, it appears that capitalism and capitalists have infiltrated all aspects of global society, from banking and politics to energy and food.  Even governments considered to be fully democratic are being convinced by the corporate world what they need and that in turn is pitched to the people as what they need.  People are seemingly left with little choice not matter where you live, you are bound to elect a leader influenced by money and corporations telling them what will be good for them.  These leaders try to tell us then what is good for us.  Similarly the IMF is taking extreme advantage of countries in need, slashing public programs, devaluing currency and selling off entire parts of the countries structure to private hands.  In the end the people suffer and are left with nothing while their country has been taken away from under them.  Citizens who have no influence on decisions a banks may make now have to pay the price, courtesy of the IMF.  The people are left with a country completely privatized, no public programs and government who will continue listening to big money.  Money continues to be funnelled to the wealthy.

Would it not make more sense to inject the economy with more money? more social spending and programs?  When I here of such extreme austerity measures like the ones recently in Greece I picture a sick person in a hospital bed and the IMF is at the bedside of the patient extracting every last drop of blood they can get before the person has no more blood.  What we should picture is a person being attended to, healing the wounds and allowing for no blood loss…you cant survive without blood.  They would need to be brought back to health, once this “person” is healthy and productive they have a better chance of paying off any debts.  But a person on life support and losing all their blood will not be able to repay any debts.  It is difficult to watch the extreme austerity measures imposed by the large capitalist world organizations.  Hopefully soon we can come to the realization that happy, healthy population will be a more productive one..obviously this is not taken into consideration by a capitalist mentality…unless it means they get money right now..